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About us

NMF seeks a world of hope, poverty free, social justice, people live in dignity and peace.To create self-reliance among the beneficiaries (i.e. disadvantaged and underprivileged) through Rights Based Approach (RBA) and in Partnership.Provide support to Education, Health and Environment.

Universal Leadership for Women

1) Knowledge and Awareness Raising (KAR): Increase knowledge and awareness among women & girls in different sectors such as health concerns, breast cancer, stop early marriage etc. Also it is important to translate in local language UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and “Convention on the Rights of the Child”. NMF will target to schools, colleges, universities, stakeholders, local & national level authorities, large public places, communities, and others for KAR.

2) Leadership Development Program (LDP): LDP is responsible for all kind of training activities (capacity building & skills development) such as HRM, Finance, Operational Managements, ICT, Supply Chain Management, & Office Works etc.)

3) Income Generating Activities (IGA): Increase scope of work for Women, such as Tourism and Hospitality Industry, SME – Small and Medium Enterprise etc.




4) Research and Advocacy Program (RAP): The ULW will undertake Research in collaboration with Universities, Concerns, UN and Advocacy to authorities such as No Pink Taxes (NPT) – : Elimination and Exemption of all kind of Vat and Taxes from the Women & Girls personal hygiene and sanitary products, also Gender Parity Label (GPL) – : It is found/observed that women service providers, workers and any form of payment are less than male. Socially and economically women & girls are deprived/under payment and need to work on it to minimize. We together can make it more affordable and friendly. Need strong advocacy to all levels and find out ways to get it done. We can do it and we will.
“NMF gives high priority to good governance, accountability, transparency and participatory management. NMF has three organizational structures: A) General Body, B) Executive Committee, C) Management Team. The Management Team (MT) of NMF is comprised of one ED as well as Directors. The MT, led by the ED, executes all activities of NMF Bangladesh. NMF International is led by an EMT (Executive Management Team).

Naifa Maruf Network


NMIT (Naifa Maruf Institute of Technology) is a non-political, non-profit and non-government quality education institute (i.e. education and training centre). The NMIT is committed to provide academic v practical education and knowledge.


NMF (Naifa Maruf Foundation) is a non-political, non-profit and non-government organization (NGO). NMF started in July 2004 with its own resources. The NMF is committed to providing developmental support and humanitarian assistance to the most disadvantaged people.


NMA(Naifa Maruf Academy) is a non political, non-profit and non-government organization (NGO).Its main purpose is to create educational and mental support for people in need.



NMM (Naifa Maruf Madrasha)  is a non-political, non-profit and non-government organization (NGO). Its main mission is to provide educational and friendly environment to its student .

Values: NMF has four (4) core values ERIC

1) Respect:  NMF affirms the dignity, potential and contribution of partners, donors, beneficiaries and staff

2) Integrity: Be honest and transparent in what NMF does and says.

3) Commitment:  NMF working with partners to serve larger the community.

4) Excellence:  NMF challenges itself to higher levels of performance and learning to achieve greater impact